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Suncoast Canary & Finch Club


Meetings every first Wednesday of the month at 7:00 PM at

Collingswood Animal Hospital

1419 Collingswood Blvd.

Port Charlotte, FL 33948

(941) 625-7500

About the Suncoast Canary & Finch Club

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The Suncoast Canary and Finch Club held its Annual Christmas Party this past December 7th at the Collingswood Animal Hospital.  Members were asked to bring a food item and festivities started at 6:00 PM .  Attendance and food were both plentiful.   For a look at some of the photos, CLICK HERE.

Club Officers for 2017





Sgt. at Arms 


Show Manager(s) 



Catalog Editor 

Membership Director 

Leg Bands Manager 

 Alexander Villarreal, D.V.M.

 Nivaldo Blanco

 Carl Biers

 John Busciacco

 Jose Nieves


 Carl Biers

 Nivaldo Blanco  

 Roger Fernandez

 Roger Fernandez

 Roger Fernandez

 Jose Nieves


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The Suncoast Canary and Finch Club is dedicated to the breeding and showing of top quality birds.


Membership is open to all at $35 per year.

We meet at 7:00 PM on the first Wednesday of 

each month at Collingswood Animal Hospital in 

Port Charlotte, FL. 

For information and directions, please call

Carl Biers at (941) 764-7877

A word from our President

The Suncoast Canary and Finch Club was founded in 2010 by a small group of bird fanciers in Port Charlotte, Florida.  After a few meetings, it was decided to assemble the necessary equipment and personnel to be able to put on a bird show and as it turned out, was a huge success.  A larger than expected turnout and positive feedback from our exhibitors only fueled our desire to hold a show subsequently, on a yearly basis.  Since then, the SCFC has substantially grown in membership and popularity and we're looking forward to hosting over 800 birds this year and dozens of exhibitors from places afar, with judging carried out by highly qualified judges from all over the world.

We are striving to provide the best venue and experience to all our attendees.


So, why not join us?

                                                                    Dr. Alexander Villarreal, D.V.M.